Time and Chance Adult Daycare offer services to people who live alone at home during the day. It’s a great option over sitting at home in front of a TV or for those who cannot stay home by themselves.

We provide meals, activities, and social interaction in a facility where they’re monitored by trained staff and licensed nurses. At the end of the day, they return home with family. Participants enjoy a full day of activities, social interaction, and recreation in a safe, protective at-home-like atmosphere. Family caregivers gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in a safe place while they go off to work or get much-needed respite.


Adult daycare creates a win-win situation for everyone. Families can maintain unison and be together in the evenings under one roof. The day services help families avoid quitting one’s job to stay home with the loved full-time. The biggest benefit is that an elderly loved one receives great care and the chance to mingle and be with peers and to participate in activities outside the home.


Feel free to talk to us for more information or to book a tour of our day center.

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